Matthew Forr is a UX developer and designer who loves building digital products.

You can reach him via email or twitter. Currently, I am not accepting freelance gigs.

This is my recent work.

Catapult Mobile is a non-profit startup that connects projects that empower women in the developing world with donors. Sort of like a non-profit Kickstarter. I was the lead UX Designer and Javascript developer of their new mobile website.

Air National Guard Mobile

When Vim Interactive joined the LM&O team the first project they asked us to complete was a mobile site for the Air National Guard. This had been on their wishlist for a long time but never seemed to go anywhere. We knocked it out in a few weeks.

Public Knowledge

Public Knowledge is a DC based non-profit that works to promote free and open access to the internet. I worked with them to revamp their information architecture and wireframe a new site. As a web designer and developer I was proud to help an organization with a mission so close to what I do.


This project started as a simple internal tool for us to keep track of our clients MediaTemple servers. I took the original concept and turned it into a fully featured application. I coded the entire application using Laravel 4 and Backbone.js.

Betascape 2012

For the third Betascape event I was responsible for the Physical Computing Lab and development of the website. With speakers from across the eastern seaboard and 250 attendees this was the largest and most successful event to date.

Second Baltimore Hackathon

During the spring of 2012 we decided it was time to make the Baltimore Hackathon happen again. I led the team that organized this event where we had 120 attendees and gave away $3,125 in prizes.